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Dustless Technologies manufactures a certified HEPA vacuum that complies with EPA RRP rules as outlined in the Renovate Right pamphlet published by the EPA.

Learn how to save time and money with smart dust control that eliminates the cost associated with cleaning up dust on the job site. Dustless Technologies makes a full line of dust control products including vacuums, accessories and specialty tools designed to capture the extra fine dust created on construction job sites.

Smart Dust Control with the Dustless® Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum
Dustless Technologies makes a HEPA vacuum specifically to meet the EPA RRP regulations. The HEPA filter is certified to meet all government standards. The vacuum is designed specifically to house the HEPA filter and this is important because the EPA has come out and stated that it does NOT recommend retrofitting a HEPA filter into a traditional shop vacuum. The vacuum is also certified to meet integrity testing standards which means it is airtight. The Vacuum comes with the HEPA filter factory installed. The pre-filter system is the best on the market because both pre-filters capture particles down to 0.5 micron. Other pre-filter systems capture down to 1.0 micron. Better pre-filtration translates into longer HEPA filter life. Also, the Dustless vacuum has a 16 gallon canister and can hold up to 40 lbs of dust before being emptied. All the filters have more surface area - very important to support high airflow for effective dust control. One huge advantage is that it is the ONLY HEPA vacuum on the market that lets you go from dry to wet vacuuming without stopping to remove or change the filter. A baffle wall inside the canister keeps the HEPA filter dry. This is the vacuum everyone needs. I should also point out that the Dustless HEPA Vacuum is designed for hazardous materials like lead and hexavalent chromium. Many HEPA vacuums are just for allergens and fine dust and they are NOT recommended for hazardous materials. Many manufacturers do not have the right liability insurance to cover hazardous material liabilities. Another reason to go with Dustless.

The WunderBag™ micro pre-filter – smart dust control
When comparing vacuums that have pre-filters, look at the number and capacity of the pre-filters, but more importantly, the level of filtration they provide. Both pre-filters of the Dustless Wet/Dry HEPA vacuum capture particles down to 0.5 micron. That’s amazingly close to a HEPA filter, which captures down to 0.3 micron, which means the Dustless Micro Pre-filter leaves only the tiniest particles for the more expensive HEPA filter. Replace the Micro Pre-filter bag whenever it gets about 2/3rds full or has 40 lbs, or 10 gallons of dust in it. While the bag is capable of holding up to 70 lbs of dust, or 16 gallons, it is best to keep a third of the micro pre-filter bag free and clear to support high airflow. Smart dust control for smart contractors.

HEPA Pack™ Backpack Vacuum
The HEPA Pack™ is ideal for cleaning up on job sites and janitorial applications. It gives the user a convenient way to maneuver and cover a lot of ground without lugging around a wheeled canister. While the HEPA Pack™ is not certified for EPA RRP applications, or designed for hazardous materials, it does use HEPA material in the filter to deliver dust and allergen-free cleaning.
The unit is carried over the shoulders like a backpack and features a back-friendly harness that distributes the weight evenly between the hips and shoulder. This handy vacuum has a 2.5 gallon capacity, weighs only 11 lbs, and features convenient belt-mounted on/off controls.

Each unit comes with a cleaning brush and floor tool attachment and a metal hose that features a pistol grip for operator ease and comfort. Easy push-button lock system gives the operator convenient control of the hose length. The hose extends 3 feet for easy access to floors, ceilings and hard-to-reach areas.

Optional accessories include a floor tool with a beater bar powered by airflow and an AirBender™ Dust Separator. The AirBender™ is required whenever using the unit to capture large quantities of extra fine created by with a drywall sander, grinder or saw. The AirBender™ Accessory separates the majority of dust from the air that reaches the HEPA filter to maintain suction during heavy dust collection.

The HEPA Pack™ features a proprietary filter cleaning system that allows the user to clean the filter without opening the canister. An agitator rod is wiggled side-to-side to knock dust off the interior walls of the primary disposable bag/filter. A reusable cloth bag/filter encompasses the disposable bag/filter to provide an additional layer of filtration and protection for the primary filter. The disposable bag/filter is made of certified HEPA material designed to capture particles down to .3 micron.

Protect yourself from dust created by grinding and cutting concrete.
Dustless Technologies is the leading manufacturer of dust collection tools and accessories for the construction industry. They provide you with an array of highly effective dust control solutions that help protect you from the harmful affects of airborne dust, and helps you save money by eliminating the time and expense incurred from cleaning up dust on the construction job site.

Concrete dust is extremely dangerous and the Hexavalent Chromium it contains can lead to silicosis and cancer. OSHA, NIOSH and the EPA have new guidelines coming out to protect construction workers, contractors and handymen from the harmful affects of dust in air on a job site. Wear a dust mask or respirator when cutting or grinding concrete.

Renovate Right Vacuum
Renovate Right Vacuum is dedicated to helping contractors and remodelers find a HEPA Vacuum to protect worker health, meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines, and implement dustless systems to increase jobsite productivity. Renovate Right Vacuum products are made in the United States of America. Renovate Right Vacuum respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.

Renovate Right Vacuum handles dust control accessories like the DustBuddie®, CutBuddie II™, Dustie®, BitBuddie™, ChipBuddie™ and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless® Technologies.

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